GORE-TEX PYRAD® Stretch Garments
Product Launch

Gore has developed GORE-TEX PYRAD® textile technology, which is thin, lightweight, and durable. This ingredient brand is used in protective workwear for electricians.

Indoors, outdoors, on cold and wet as well as warm and dry days. Climbing, kneeling, stretching - the daily grind of working on power systems is challenging. The protective gear you need shouldn't make it more challenging. Gore's protective equipment, very stretchy and lightweight, offers more freedom of movement for work that depends on it. The USP needs to be communicated quickly with the launch campaign and in the context of the product's application.

Communication with authenticity

For the launch of the new product, we developed the positioning, including the messaging, and visualized it with the production of the campaign visual and the product video. In addition to the visuals and messaging, modus also implemented the product literature and partner communication. The campaign works with genuine electricians on real jobs.

Award-winning work

The campaign visual for GORE-TEX PYRAD® technology is featured in Lürzer's Archive 200best [photographers].


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